Swiss Cottage – come for the accommodation, stay for the events!

If you’ve stayed with us recently, you might have noticed some pretty fun things going on in the common areas of our Swiss Cottage Hostel. In addition to our award winning amenities, we wanted to offer our guests a variety of activities. Meeting fellow travellers and sharing a drink and a laugh can be one of the best things about travelling. With this in mind, we now host a selection of free events (like our Facebook page for more details on what’s going this week).

Movie nights in the common room

Feeling a little tired after a full day’s worth of London sightseeing? We know the feeling. Our movie nights are perfect for when you want some downtime. Movies are usually chosen on the day, but if you’ve got one you really want to see, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

Beer and board games

Do you get a thrill every time you bankrupt an opponent when playing Monopoly? Are you a whiz at Scrabble? Enjoy building empires and conquering countries with Risk? We know you like beer – well, most of you, anyway. Come to Beer and Board Games, and bring your competitive edge.


Nothing’s better than getting up in front of total strangers and belting your heart out. If you’re more of a wallflower, come along anyway to listen and cheer on your friends. Don’t forget to take videos of them so they’ll remember their performance in the morning.

Pub quiz night

Finally something to make use of your knowledge of sports teams, history, obscure bands and pop culture (we won’t ask why you know Justin Bieber’s birthday). Grab some friends and form a team.

Themed nights

Want to party like it’s 1985? Fancy going Greek in a toga? We host a variety of theme nights, from Feria de Abril, to moustache parties, 4th of July BBQs to YouTube parties. You’ll want to have time to get ready for these, so make sure to check our schedule well in advance to know what’s going on.

In addition to these events, we are now organizing a weekly London Day Out. These group tours take you on a journey of London as seen by the locals.

We’re also huge sports fans, so every time there’s a major sporting event you can bet we’ll be showing it in our bar – usually with a themed party and food and drinks specials to go along with it.

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for announcements of these events. We hope to see you there!