Unusual Tours in London

Hello guys,  this is Palmers Lodge!

What do you do when you come to London?

British Museum, National Gallery, or Big Ben?

Don’t you just follow the same course as others?

Today, I would like to tell you about some of the unusual tours in London available.


‘adventure balloons’ is the tour that fly over London

with a hot-air balloon.

It runs from April to October.

It will be very nice for birthday presents or wedding ceremonies

If you want, you can help them prepare flight.

Not much wind and clear sky Is the nice weather to fly.

Contact : 01252-844222

Website : https://www.adventureballoons.co.uk


If you come to London with your children,

or If you’re interested in learning something,

It would be nice to learn a circus in London.

There are lessons to learn about the circus skills such as riding a unicycle

In ‘Albert & Friends instant Circus’

Let’s check out the class schedule on the website, and apply for it.

Contact : 020-8237-1170 / 020-8237-1030

Website : http://www.albertandfriendsinstantcircus.co.uk


If you’re curious about the dungeon,

but you don’t want to commit a crime,

Let’s go to London Dungeon.

London Dungeon, a reproduction of medieval dungeon, have

19 shows, 20 live actors, 2 thrilling rides.

Above all, ‘Extremis Drop Ride to Doom’ is said to be the most interesting course.

It takes 90 minutes, and you’d better to buy tickets online.

Contact : 07403-7221

Website : https://www.thedungeons.com


If it is unsatisfactory to fly over London with hot-air balloon,

How about Helicopter?

Cabair Helicopters travel over London for 30 minutes.

Travel in London with a helicopter that you cannot easily ride.

For further flight schedules, visit the website.

Contact : 08953-4411

Website : http://helicopterservices.co.uk


Have you ever heard of the scary killer who is called ‘Jack the ripper’?

If you are wondering about the dark past of beautiful London,

Let’s join this tour.

Those who have weak nerves are better advised to avoid it.

Because the tour guide’s instructions could be too direct!

Contact : 078-0306-7544

Website : http://www.thejacktherippertour.com