London’s Secret Gardens

Every time we think of a big city, we think about long avenues, majestic buildings, shopping centres or huge parks. But every town, no matter how big it is, has some magic places hidden by the concrete jungle and the reflect of the sun on the flat windows.  And London is not an exception.

Spread across the city of the Thames, we can find beautiful green places that make us forget for a second that we are in one of the biggest cities in the world. Would you like to know some more about them?


Near to the London Bridge, one of the most emblematic bridges in Europe, we can find the Red Cross Garden. Placed in Red Cross Way, this backstreet garden in Southwark was laid on the site of a burnt down paper factory in 1887. In the bandstand, there are some spectacles of music and poetry, to enjoy during the visit. To go there, the best option is take the Jubilee Line, direction Southbound, from Willesden Green or Swiss Cottage (it depends the hostel where you are accommodated) to London Bridge Station.


If you go to Holland Park, enter via Abbotsbury Road entrance. Walk for few minutes, and in the centre you will find the Kyoto Garden. This Japanese garden (waterfall included) was created in 1991 to celebrate the Japan festival. It was refurbished ten years later, in 2001, with the typical Asian stone bridge and koi carp pond. If you want to go from Hillspring, you have to take the Overground from Brondesbury Park to Kensington (Olympia), and go walking for 10 minutes. In the case of you are accommodated in Swiss Cottage, you can go by bus with the line 31 (you can take it in Fairfax Road, ask in reception) and stop in Holland Park bus stop, or take the Jubilee Line direction Southbound until Bond Street, and Change to the Central Line Westbound to Holland Park.

In the Hill Garden at Hampstead Heath, you can walk under the Pergola. It consists in a trellis supported on posts, fully decorated and covered by all kind of flowers, including jasmine and lavender, for example. You can access it for a spiral staircase close to the railings. You will feel so far away of the big city! If you want to go from Hillspring, you can take the bus number 460 in Willesden Lane to Dunstan Road. From Swiss Cottage, take in College Crescent the bus number 268 to Inverforth House.


Can you imagine a bombed-out medieval church reconverted to a garden? This is the case of St Dunstan-in-the-East. Destroyed during the Blitz (the Nazi bombing against UK), nowadays is a central place in London where you can walk through to. Wall shrubs and climbers decorate the saved arched windows. To go there, the best option is taking the Jubilee Line direction Southbound to London Bridge, and then cross the bridge (the garden is in the other riverside).

Just off the Lincoln’s Inn Fields, there is New Square Garden. Open to the public in office hours, you can find this perfectly hidden garden (you can’t see it from the street). Fountains, flowers and scented plants, makes this garden a perfect place to take your camera and spend a few minutes in it. The fastest way to go, it’s by tube: Jubilee Line direction Southbound to Bond Street, and change to the Central direction Eastbound to Chancery Lane.

We hope you find this secret places amusing!!

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