Avoid International Travel Troubles with Technology

Hey, we all love to travel, but it can still be a hassle to get from point A to point B, especially when airports and planes are involved. Here are some of the best tips and tricks for using technology to ensure painless, speedy air travel.

Before takeoff

If you haven’t even planned your trip yet, you need a site that will allow you to visualise all possible schedules. Look no further than Hipmunk. With visual schedules, this site searches not only the best deals, but displays them in an easy-to-read format. You can sort your search by price or schedule, but also by ‘agony’ (a combination of price and average duration) to find the flight that’s the least hassle and easiest on your wallet.

Want to see where every flight is in the sky? FlightAware shows live tracking maps of altitude and speed of every flight. Best of all, it shows each flight’s average for being late.

Think your airline is giving you all the seat information when you choose a seat online? Think again. Don’t choose a seat until you’ve checked it on SeatGuru! You’ll find out which seats don’t recline, or have broken TVs, so there are no nasty surprises.

Ever booked your flight to find that only the middle seats are available? Use ExpertFlyer to notify you when an aisle or window seat becomes available. You can then swoop in and snag it before someone else does.

The day of travel and in the air

Use your airline’s app to check in while you’re still at home, and buy yourself time to figure out how to lighten your load to avoid extra baggage fees.

Choose an electronic boarding pass, and have it handy on your smartphone. No need to worry about printing it off, losing it, or getting it crumpled in your carry on.

Buy yourself some noise cancelling headphones. They can be expensive but are worth it. If you can’t afford to go all out, a packet of foam earplugs will do the trick for sleeping.

Upon arrival

Download your hostel’s app, perfect for advice on sightseeing and the best deals at the hostel bar!