Fall in love with Zagreb

Since the fall is knocking on our little door, we always like to brag that we can even smell it coming. The leaves are turning red, the scenery is even more romantic, especially with the heat wave gone for this year, so it is finally time to experience Zagreb in it’s true dress colors. And it has so much to offer that you will fall in love with it, with every concert you visit, with every park you walk through, with every „strukla“ you eat!

The Taste Festival click here for all the foodies out there, you will not be disappointed with the magnificent flavours that our cooks, pastry wizards or any other enchanter has to offer, and the prices are tasty too!

Dylan Moran, making you laugh at click here an amazing stand up comedian, Black books actor and creator is performing in Lisinski. Be sure to be there and laugh your socks off, as he likes to say: The pay’s not great, but the work is hard! 


Vaya con Dios on their Farewell tour. This is the last chance you will have to see the fantastic diva performing so strongly at the age of 60. Buy your tickets here and sing Nah Neh Nah Click here

For the movie buffs, so many wonderfull films in one place, workshops where you can be a part of the film magic will make this festival a great place to both relax during the day and party hard with other buffs in the evening, so from dusk till dawn at click here
Want to do something in the nature? Nothing better than hiking up mount Medvednica, picking mushrooms, exercising in the parks, preparing a barbecue on the lake Jarun (or even taking a swim!) with your friends, taking advantage of Zagreb’s great „flat surface“ and riding a bike across the city to the cute little town of Samobor and eating some amazing cake! All that, and so much more..Throw away your guidebooks, hang out with fellow locals and discover the off beaten path (and have yourself some amazing photos to brag about when you come home and yet again get the serious case of wanderlust!). Feeling in your „travel mood“ much? Visit Zagreb and explore, this is just a pinch of what it has to offer in these warm and sunny days ahead!