International Women’s Day 2015 in London

Celebrate International Women’s Day in London

Whether you want to socialise, appreciate art, listen to music or watch films whilst staying at our luxury hostel, Palmers Lodge, you’ll find the perfect way to join in the celebrations for International Women’s Day 2015.

International Women’s Day takes place on 8th March each year and centres around the appreciation of women the world over. First conceived in 1911, there have been events across the globe every year since.

The day marks the role of women and the importance women play in politics, culture and history.

London is to host a number of events to mark the occasion and all are within easy reach of Palmers Lodge. Here are a few highlights to whet your appetite.


There are a number of art exhibitions taking place for International Women’s Day 2015 in London. One exhibition we definitely recommend is, “What I Love About Summer.” The photography and painting installation at Hackney Central Library is free to visit until 30th April and features the work of artist, Alix Edwards. The exhibition explores the themes of female beauty and feminity and the link to using these attributes in making a political stance.



Visit Bolivar Hall for the International Women’s Day double film bill of Maria Querida (U) at 11am, followed immediately by Hidden Herstories: Claudia Jones (U). Both films follow the lives of two influential women. After the double bill, a discussion will be held to discuss the themes presented in the movies.



Head to the World of Women Festival at the Southbank Centre on the evening of the 8th to watch comedian Sandi Toksvig’s, “Mirth Control.” Curtain’s are up at 7:30pm, so you can sit back and enjoy the show centred around comedy and music inspired by great women. This year special guests include, comedian Sarah Milican and actor Hugh Grant. The WoW Festival runs from 1-8 March and is an incredible mix of events happening all day, every day.


Also at the WoW Festival is a day of discussion and guest speakers on 8th March. Book a day ticket for just £20 and you can spend International Women’s Day listening to inspiring women talk about their lives and passions, take part in workshops and watch plays or listen to poetry. The day focuses on inspiring, challenging and empowering women.



If you’ve ever wanted to have a go at rock climbing, visit The Castle Climbing Centre. It’s the UK’s largest dedicated indoor climbing centre and at 11am, and again at 1pm, they are running 1.5 hour introductions to the sport for women only. The event is called “A Taste of Bouldering” and will cover the basics of the art of bouldering; climbing without ropes.


Even if you’re stay at our boutique hostel, London as so much to offer to celebrate International Women’s Day. You’ll find you can fill every minute of your stay enjoying amazing events that cover all aspects of life for women. 


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