What to know when flying budget airlines

You found a great deal on your ticket and cannot wait for your exciting adventure, what could go wrong? With many of today’s budget airlines, a lot. To help you out we have created a list of the five things every budget flyer needs to know.

1. Luggage: What gets to come and what has to stay at home

Most budget airlines have strict rules about luggage and the costs will be huge if you do not meet their guidelines. Before you book look into the cost for checked bags, overweight bags and restrictions for carry on bags. Also, some airlines charge more if you do not pay for your checked bag during the initial purchase of your ticket. Do your homework so you won’t be surprised at the gate.

2. Ticket: Just because it’s booked, doesn’t mean you are done

Be aware when booking of the cost for cancelling or making changes to your ticket. If your plans are not firm, wait to book. The cost to make alterations to your itinerary after booking can well exceed the price of the initial ticket. Another policy to pay attention to is the added cost to print your ticket at the airport. If you won’t have access to a printer when travelling, make sure to print ahead of time and bring your tickets with you to avoid these steep charges.

3. Airports: Know your geography

Many budget airlines fly into airports that are challenging to get to. Lack of public transportation and long distances eat up both time and money. To optimize your time in the city you are visiting (and your cash once you get there) know how you are travelling to and from the airport and budget for these costs. If it is a 40£ and four hour round trip, you might be better off booking a slightly more expensive flight to a more centrally located airport.

4. Avoid add on costs: Know what you need and what you don’t

Budget airlines will stop at nothing to make money off of you. The best way to outsmart them is to know what you value and what you don’t. Yes, we would all prefer to sit by the window when flying and board ahead of everyone, but to save 5-15£ we could find a seat with everyone else just fine. While peanuts and soda might not seem like too much to ask, it will cost you. To avoid the overpriced food being sold on the plane, bring your own. All these little extras add up and knowing what you do and don’t need is important to staying on budget.

5. Plan Ahead: Avoid unwanted surprises

No amount of bargain hunting can beat planning in advance. You will avoid unexpected costs, travel mishaps and will find better prices. Budget airlines are a great way to travel on the cheap as long as you expect to pay extra for anything more than a seat and a seat belt.  

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