Valentine’s Day in London with a movie spin

Love, l’amour, el amor… the most romantic saint is coming to town! This next Friday 14 February all the romantics (it doesn’t matter if you are single or not) are invited to celebrate this special day!


Here in London we have lots of options for you to do on this lovely day, maybe some of them cheaper than other ones. So let’s focus on the first ones. How about if we celebrate it remembering those romantic films that you’ve watched together? For example, what about if you take your special one to the places where Notting Hill or Love Actually were filmed? Here you have some romantic (Free!) options for spending this very special day with the person that it’s guilty for the butterflies in your belly. You can go to these places that bring back memories from the cinema or, even better, create your own memories for the movie of your life!


Take the hand, look at the eyes… and walk along the riverside of the Thames, a very romantic place here in London… or even better, walk along Little Venice! The canal has that certain magic that makes you feel that you definitely are in a film. It’s not too difficult to find these nice spots in London, but if you really want to share your love with your partner, one of the most beautiful places to go is definitely Hampstead Heath park. At the top of the hills, you can see the city of London and deep inside the park you can get lost in the forest. There’s nothing more romantic than a walk in the nature just for yourselves. But we recommend you to go during the day, because after the sunset the whole park is completely dark.

If you choose to go for the movie spots, then go for a walk to 280 Westbourne Park Road (Notting Hill), and emulate the scenes of Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts in front of that famous blue door (Even though now it’s black.. Oh, and watch out for Spike running around in his underwear). We wouldn’t suggest you to trespass the private gardens in the area, but if you do, please avoid saying “Whoops a daisy!”. Hugh Grant’s ‘travel bookshop’ can be found at 142 Portobello Road.


Another spot in the tour can be a walk in Shad Thames (close to Tower Bridge), the same place that Bridget and Daniel have a date in Bridget Jones’s Diary.

Maybe this next one might be a bit too much and also might scare your partner, but it all depends on your intentions with it… So yeah, you can visit Grosvenor Chapel, which is the church of the marriage between Juliet and Peter in Love Actually. It’s placed in 24 South Audley Street, next to Hyde Park. Oh, and did we mention Hyde Park before? Another great place for romance. No one can resist the view of that lake! But if we continue with the movie frenzy, then St. James’s Park, just next to it, is another place to go and it’s where Bongo throws Jeff Daniels into the water in 101 Dalmatians. We don’t advice on throwing boyfriends into the water with this weather though…

We hope that you like our suggestions and come to visit us as well. Our hostels can be the start place of a beautiful relationship. The Hillspring squirrels can agree with that!