My Comfortable Country

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                                                                                                              March 2012

I simply love the U.K. And just to be sure that I don’t offend my many friends from nearby, let me also say – I love Ireland as well. The set of islands in this area (and I hope to do some of the smaller ones, like the Channel Islands and Isle of Man, later this year) are places I could imagine living for a a few months.

My Hostel Hosts
While I was there, I had the wonderful opportunity, via Hostelbookers and their London connections, to stay at Palmers Lodge. And I loved it.

There were a few reasons this particular place suited me and a bit one is something you can see in the last picture. Their dorm beds are the most solidly constructed I have ever experienced. There is absolutely no creaking or shifting of the beds when someone climbs into the bunk above you, which is something I wish more hostels would consider.

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