My Favourite Argentinian restaurant by Lola Reynoso

The Argentinian restaurant that I like the most is called La Patagonia and it’s located in Camden.

There are quite a few Argentinian eateries in town, but there are several reasons why I recommend this place above all the others; mainly because the food is really good and the fact that it’s not super fancy. Furthermore I like that their prices are very reasonable for London -which means that you can go as often as you like (I visit them quite frequently) instead of having to wait for that “special occasion” to eat there.

My menu suggestion? I always order a “Parrillada para Dos” and a ration of “Papas a la Provenzal

La Patagonia
31 Camden High Street
London NW1 7JE

Lola Reynoso
Groups Coordinator at Palmers Lodge Hostels