My Favourite Things to Do in London by Carmen

I have been living in London for more than two years now and I guess that is after over 730 days here it’s possible to run out of ideas of what to do with my time off…

But hey, this is London! And there are so many things to do in London!! 

Talking for myself, if the weather helps, I really enjoy going for a walk in the many beautiful parks around London where you can enjoy the nature, the calm, the silence… and get away from the noisy and often busy city centre.

One of my favourite park is Regents Park, where you can find such a variety of beautiful plants and flowers as well as many huge -and incredibly ancient- trees. I like to get there through the Regents Canal, which in my opinion is a really nice route.

You can walk past by the London Zoo, if you listen carefully you can hear its amazing animals and stop by Primrose Hill, where you can enjoy the most wonderful view. Or go to Little Venice and take a stroll through its charming embankment, which in my opinion is a London’s “must see”.

Unfortunately, the weather is not the most reliable in London… but on the other hand, London is a world capital that offers you so many activities, such as musicals, concerts, museums with free entrance and of course great film festivals…

Although is also true that I can’t do everything all the time (due to budget) when is a matter of money, what I really like to do is to enjoy a nice drink with my friends, listen to live music and simply spend a great time with them. There are so many pubs in London that offer live music, and for free! You have the chance to listen to different kinds of music and discover really good bands and musicians.