Palmers’ guide to healthy travel

Everyone deserves a break, whether it’s to clear your mind or get a new perspective. Holidays are supposed to be as stress free and relaxing as possible, so why do we so often get sick when we travel?

Every destination has that ‘go to’ spot everyone raves about. Whether it’s Angkor Wat, Westminster Abbey, or the Grand Canyon, hospitals are certainly not one of those destinations. With that said, health precautions should be considered to ensure traveller comfort. Palmers Lodge discusses the following tips for healthy travel:

  • Preparation
  • Carry-on
  • Eat Smart
  • Sleep Smoothly
  • Insurance

Prep for the Best

In order to make the smooth transition from work mentality into ‘chill holiday mode’ you need to become stress free. That means start packing early, so you can eliminate the unnecessary stuff and keep the necessary things. Most importantly, always know where your passport and ticket confirmation are, keep them close to you with your carry-on for easy access when customs approaches. Packing can be stressful, and this can lower your immune system. Avoid the stress and vacation mess. Get the packing over with so you can focus on the fun.

Keep Calm with Your Carry-on

Alright, you’ve got your iPod, Lonely Planet guide, and that book you keep putting off. This sounds like the ideal carry-on, but what if your luggage is lost? It could be a while before it returns, and that’s where you keep your medicine. It’s a smart idea to pack a few days’ worth of pills and a small first-aid kit with your carry-on just in case some luggage complications arise.

Eat Smart. Live Healthy.

Here’s where we all want to let loose a little. The best part about vacation can be trying out local cuisine, but be careful of what’s inside. You could be allergic to some of the ingredients without even knowing it. Visit your doctor a few weeks prior to your departure to for potential food allergies and even some recommended vaccines. Beware of greasy foods and the food options you can’t read, it’s safe to say if you can’t pronounce it then stay away, at least for the first day while you’re getting used to the new country.

Sleep Smoothly

We escape our everyday lives for travel so we can come back with a fresh mind. Keep your mind and body well rested with a fine night’s sleep (8-9 hours) so you are able to fully function for the adventures ahead. Jet lag is a real bummer on vacations, since you want to stay awake but your body is telling you otherwise. Listen to your body and get a full night’s rest. If you have a hard time adjusting to time zones, try chamomile tea or melatonin supplements to sleep comfortably without any interruptions.

Insurance Assurance

Some of these travel destinations have unfamiliar health systems, and as a visitor you might not meet their criteria. Be sure to check with your country’s medical system or your health insurance provider to see if you’re covered while abroad. If necessary, many travel insurance companies sell medical insurance as part of their coverage.

Above all, remember it’s your vacation and you deserve it. Arrive with a clear mind and no expectations and let the adventure come to you.