Palmers Lodge – Swiss Cottage Hostel

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18th July 2012

If you want to make your sojourn in a place of historical importance, then Palmers Lodge-Swiss Cottage in London is an indispensable one. It was built in the year 1880 and gives you a feeling of the Victorian era. Palmers Lodge is widely referred to as a poshtel, which means a posh hostel.

This boutique hostel, which was a residential house at the time when it was built, belonged to one of the owners of Huntley & Palmers Biscuits, which at one time was the world’s largest biscuit manufacturer. The mansion went through the last 130 years as a hospital, war office, school, nurses accommodation and finally turned into a magnificent poshtel.

Comfort and home touches at this Victorian Mansion in London

There are many factors that make Palmers Lodge one of the best hostels in London, and  in the whole of Europe. Firstly, this poshtel is located very conveniently, and easily accessible. It is a 5 minutes walk from the Swiss Cottage Tube station. You may also avail the bus, numbered 82, from the Victoria station which will take you directly to Palmers Lodge. Plus, this boutique hostel is located in a wealthy vicinity of Central London which adds up to its sparkling features.

The outside of the design hostel is very beautiful and spacious, where you would love to hang around. The interior of the building is extremely clean and tidy which will give a homely sensation. The staffs are very cordial and would always be available at your service. Your satisfaction is their endeavour which you would surely find out by their way of behaving.

The accommodation rooms are very large, clean and airy. Cleanliness is something they always preserve to their best. The bathrooms, especially, are cleaned 3 to 5 times daily. The lockers provided are robust to ensure the safety of your valuables. You can also get access to computers in this poshtel which is an additional advantage of computer-savy people. They have all the accessories which would make your stay convenient and peaceful.

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