Palmers Lodge Zagreb – What to Do during the Winter Months?

If you are planning to try out our lovely Palmers Lodge Zagreb over the next couple of months, now happens to be the best time to visit Mount Medvednica located just north of Zagreb here you will find superb -and decently priced- skiing and snowboarding facilities at day -and night!. Not that this an exclusively winter time attraction, during the rest of the year you can also to go for a walk and enjoy the breathtaking  views at this vast national park.

Many of our guests choose to visit the Jarun Lake which it’s very popular due to the diversity of activities it offers. Including rowing, paddling, sailing, surfing, swimming, jogging, cycling, roller skating and skateboarding. Neighbouring the lake there are many nightclubs and cafes. One of the best places to meet new people.

And of course, there’s the liveliest street in Zagreb: Tkalčićeva Street. A lovely area populated with ancient sights, bars, restaurants, and souvenirs shops. It’s near to the Upper Town, which is interesting the main attraction for tourists due of its architectural style and the fantastic views on the whole city. Great athmosphere and friendly people.

A slightly different kind of museum, the Museum of Broken Relationships. If you’re in the mood for something different than art or history, you simply have to visit it. Here you will find a quirky collection of items donated by people who broke up along with their bitter-sweet love stories, all these within a set up that feels like a labour of love.