Staff Recommends: Prince Charles Cinema

Who doesn’t love old/Classic movies?
And who wouldn’t like to actually watch one of them in a movie theatre?
Imagine having the chance to see Back to The Future or Die Hard one more time (Or for the first time) at the cinemas!

London offers the perfect place for all the nostalgic ones. The Prince Charles Cinema is a repertory cinema located in Leicester Place, 40 metres north of Leicester Square in the West End of London. It shows a rotating programme of cult, arthouse, and classic films alongside recent Hollywood releases. It also hosts the sing-a-long version of The Sound of Music, which has been shown on a regular basis for over five years, as well as The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Joseph. The cinema has achieved a cult status amongst fans, sticking out as the only independent cinema in the West End.

We absolutely love the place for many reasons. It’s not only an old fashioned cinema but they really got the point with the “personal touch”. Their canopy above the cinema is always announcing something that you would say it’s rather peculiar. It’s been always a source of public intrigue and amusement. Aside from regular advertising for films it often sports cult film quotes or other obscure messages. Previous messages have cheered on England in the World Cup, proclaimed the cinema to be the ninth wonder of the world, after King Kong, and even joked about other cinemas in the area. Examples of it can be found in the pictures below:


But we are not the only ones who like it. It’s actually Quentin Tarantino’s favourite UK cinema as well. He once said, “The Prince Charles Cinema is everything an independent movie theatre should be. For lovers of quality films, this is Mecca.” He described it as London’s “queen’s jewel” and felt honoured when Reservoir Dogs hit so big there that they started playing it at midnight. And since the cinema it’s special, also are its customers, who for this movie would actually show up in black suits with little squirt guns!

Another famous American director who happens to be a fan of this particular theatre is Kevin Smith. We believe that he was jealous but he was “rewarded” after all… somehow. He complained stating that they named the bar after Quentin Tarantino and they haven’t even named a toilet after him even though he was there twice… The next day they screwed a framed picture of him to the first cubicle in the gents and he officially opened the toilet.


The PCC is also very famous for its marathons. For example, one night they would run 6 movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Another night with classic Sci-Fi movies. One with Tarantino’s best (not surprisingly). A horror night with Friday The 13th classics… Well, you get the idea. This movie theatre it’s something worthwhile to check out!


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