The Best Design Hostels

Extract from Marco Polo Travel Magazine
April 2013

The Best Design Hostels: Colourful, Young and Modern

Futuristic sleep-cells in Singapore, romantic rooms in Rome, design accommodation in Berlin – modern hostels long ago ceased to regard themselves as dormitories for backpackers. Today they are often avant-garde, usually pleasant, and as often as not low-price competitors of B&Bs and budget hotels – see for yourself!

Hillspring Hostel Terrace

Breakfast in style in London Admittedly, the Hillspring Lodge boutique hostel is some way outside the city centre, close to the Wembley Arena, but from the bus stop right in front of the door you can travel in comfort to Oxford Street.

Hillspring Boutique Hostel - Willesden Green

Don’t be a couch potato!  The retro-design armchairs in Hillspring Lodge are extremely comfortable, but who has come here to read books? You can do that at home! We’re in London now and want some action – so off we go.

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