The Camden Fringe 2013

While staying in London, or planning your trip, you’ll be bombarded with must-see landmarks, museums, monuments and more one-of-a-kind experiences that you “must take advantage of.” This can be overwhelming. There is so many famous things to see and do in London that it is impossible to do it all during your short-term stay. Having said this, be sure to set some time aside for the lesser known attractions and festivals that will immerse you in the life and culture of the city. During the summer London is buzzing and there are different activities happening every week that you can take part in. 

If you’re visiting London and have a taste for the edgy, provocative, odd or just plain strange, the Camden Fringe should be the right fit for you. This festival blends talented comedy, dance, theatre and improv acts together to provide a month of strangely intriguing entertainment. The fringe takes place from 29th July to 25th August in one of London’s trendiest and most progressive boroughs: Camden Town.

This year’s edition of the annual performing arts festival is made up of 180 unique productions that will be held in 17 venues across of Camden. The venues are popular bars, pubs and theatres in the borough and provide visitors with an interesting and easy way to experience this part of the city.

Tickets are sold for each show; they range in price from £5-£12 and can be booked on the Camden Fringe website or the festival’s Facebook page. The acts commonly last about an hour during the day and offer you a chance to experience all different kinds of performing art. Last year’s performers covered a wide range of different art including: opera, musicals, stand-up, sketch comedy, dance, cabaret, poetry and more.

Camden Town is a must see borough on your journey through London. It is filled with street performers, fantastic bars and restaurants and one of the best markets in the city. Check out Hampstead Heath and Primrose Hill to enjoy some of Camden’s parks and green spaces that are ideal for outdoor activities, long walks or runs and taking in a breathtaking view of the city. If you are looking for great live music and a lively nightlife scene look no further than the Roundhouse. This Camden mainstay is a venue steeped in history and has featured plenty of famous artists through the year. 

The Camden Fringe is a capstone of the borough’s culture and if you are planning to explore the area this is your best opportunity. Visit the Camden Fringe Facebook and Twitter pages for further details about the festival including information on specific performances, promotional videos and other events that will get your creative juices flowing. Take advantage of this this festival that will highlight the spirit and culture of the area, and visit the Camden Fringe to experience this bustling borough at its finest.