Things to look forward in London during the winter months (Part I)

So, we can’t deny it any more. Autumn has truly settled in (so much for our recurrent hope of an Indian summer for London this year) time the face the facts.. The dreary cold weather is here, now, but we decided to look at the bright side by compiling a list of amazing things to do when is cold and dark in London.

Not surprisingly, we found plenty of cool stuff to do both indoors and outdoors that we wanted to share with our guests…

  • Halloween night It’s the worst best kept secret how the British just love a fancy dress party so this imported festivity grows in popularity year after year. Quick Tip: make sure you secure your fancy dress early, the limited stock (not to mention the queues) closer to the date at fancy dress shops can make finding a great costume quite a challenge
  • Guilt free cinema Going to watch a film feels like such a waist during the warmer months, not the case now. Our suggestion: Everyman Cinemas in Maida Vale, Belsize Park and Hampstead with their excellent sound system, comfy seats and stylish bars with proper food and snacks that you can actually take in with you. The Electric Cinema on Portobello Road due to reopen later this month is also a great venue (all pretty local to our hostels).
  • Bonfire Night it’s celebrated all over the country but London outshines the rest with bigger, brighter and better firework displays and other exciting events. Although technically on the 5th of November, most public park displays in London will take place on Saturday 3rd November this year
  • Try a brand new sport or a hobby has a wide choice of hidden talents to be discovered. A brilliant way to meet people and the best of all trying stuff is free!
  • Become a Curry Connoisseur, as much as we love curry is not something most of us would order on a warm summer day (or night) but those single digits nights are just the perfect excuse to explore the meal that people from Britain’s miss the most while on holiday abroad
  • Lounging and watching DVD’s, not the most action packed of choices but often the only way forward after a particularly hard-core night out on the beers (or if the entertainment budget is close to running out). Palmers Lodge has regular movie (free) nights in the common room that bring the comfort of your own sofa at home to shame
  • Autumn and winter is the perfect time for a lazy Sunday Roast in a cosy pub (gastro if possible and ideally sitting by a fireplace) or just sampling traditional British lagers at leisure
  • Spooky Walking Tours OK, perhaps a bit cheesy but nobody needs to know -apart from that friend that came along who won’t say a thing- about that ghost, Jack the Ripper or Harry Potter walking tour you took together that one time in London..
  • Ice Skating in London, nothing better to get you in the Christmas spirit (and by that we don’t mean the panic last minute present buying mode) but the nice and merry reminiscent of when we were kids. And London has ice rinks with truly breath-taking views of London to skate the cold away. Our top picks: Somerset House, The Natural History Museum, The Tower of London and Canary Wharf. Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park (also worth checking out) will boast the largest ice rink in the UK when it opens on the 23rd November

Our most important suggestion… Don’t let the cold weather affect you; just throw a couple of extra layers and enjoy London as if there’s no tomorrow! After 15 minutes you won’t even notice it’s cold, promise!