Top 5 Spookiest things to do in London this Halloween.

Halloween is just around the corner and London is brimming with Halloween events. Londoners enjoy celebrating Halloween in real spirit, so if you’re visiting during this time of year, you are going to experience a city in all its eerie glory.

Halloween events are arranged city-wide and locals and travellers alike become a part of the spooky enjoyment. In this article, we’ve chosen the top 5 spine-tingling Halloween events you do not want to miss. If you’re a Londoner, be sure to attend one of these events, and if you are planning to travel to London this Halloween, unearth and explore all that the city has to offer this Halloween for you.

Spooky Train Ride at the Epping Ongar Railway

If you are a tourist in the city, don’t miss out on the chance to experience this unique and scary train ride, arranged by the Heritage Railway. This year, the spooky train ride at Epping Ongar Railway tops our list of must-experience events. It might be your only chance to ride a ghost train!

On the day of the event, the railway station and the ‘ghost train’ will be decked with scary and spooky embellishments and, you never know, you might be the lucky person to win the fancy dress competition. Other activities that you can indulge in include: magic shows, hawk and owl display, pumpkin carving and apple bobbing.


Horse Drawn Ride in Richmond Park

A horse drawn ride through Richmond Park is also tops our London’s scariest Halloween events. Once you embark on your ride at the Sheen Gate, you will hear the story of the park’s frightening history, ghost stories and the account of a murder mystery that was solved in 2010. This scary experience of hearing ghost tales also includes an account of the Shrew Ash tree, which is still believed to be the meeting point of witches.

Vauxhaull’s Fire Festival

The amazing fire festival at Vauxhall Garden is a major attraction for tourists during Halloween. With an audience of 4000 last year, this Halloween the fire festival is expected to be even more spectacular and an awe-inspiring sight for all.

The festival is to commence with the lighting of a bonfire, which is to be followed by a rock opera, fire performances and fireworks.


Necropolis – London’s Journey of the Dead

London may not be on your list of cities with a truly sombre past, but it definitely should be! In the 1850s overcrowding in London’s existing cemeteries and graveyards resulted in the opening of the Necropolis Railway.

Using the recent technology of the day, burials were moved to Brookwood Cemetrery in Surrey, by using the railway. On this tour, you can now walk down the caverns to experience the last procession of the dead.


Tales of Plague

The Great Plague of London saw almost half the city killed when it struck in 1665. Get a grim glimpse into the past with a two hour tour, which will take you through the old streets of London that were most affected.

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