Why You Should Travel in the Low Season

Travelling is always stressful, especially when it’s a peak time. Queues are longer, prices are higher, and everything is more chaotic, making for a more stressful journey no matter your mode of transportation. Instead of planning your travel during these high times, choose a time during the low season to reduce your holiday stress; it offers the following advantages:

  1. There are less people.

    Off-peak travel times often mean less favourable weather and shorter days, but you’ll be able to do so much more during your day because the amount of tourists visiting your destination will be considerably less. Think shorter lines for attractions, more availability in hotels, restaurants, and shows, and an overall “closer to the action” experience.

  2. Have more interactions with locals.

    With less tourists you can spend more time with the locals where learning about the culture of your destination is invaluable. Locals will take the off-season as a chance to see their local attractions that are usually clogged with tourists and you’ll be more likely to run into them during your daily activities. You’ll feel more transported to your destination being surrounded by the natives rather than other annoying tourists.

  3. You have the opportunity to experience something new.

    Certain locations are ideal for visiting certain times of the year, for instance, when weather really showcases the region or when annual events occur. However, visiting a destination during the low season can give you an experience that not many others get to see. You’ll have new stories to share about popular destinations just by visiting them during a different time of the year and gaining a new perspective.

  4. It’s easier for groups.

    Less lines and less people lead for more room for groups to get around. With overall more availability, it is much easier for travellers in groups to reserve tickets, tables in restaurants, and admission tickets to popular shows, events, and attractions. Due to the increased availability in so many aspects of travelling, larger groups can stick together even while abroad.

  5. It’s more affordable.

    Possibly the greatest reason to travel during the low season is the massive reduction in cost on not only transportation, but also accommodations, admissions, and other popular tourist attractions. Airlines tickets always reduce their prices when traffic is expected to be low, and hotels often release special deals to utilize their space when there are less visitors. 

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