Be my Valentine in Zagreb

If you do not believe that Valentine’s day is just a day the card and chocolate companies made up to sell their products, but a day to celebrate your love and show your significant other that you love them, well, come to Zagreb and celebrate with others who feel just like you.

Zagreb is a place of love, peace and unity, and to show that off, even the city’s famous Licitar heart cookie is shaped in a form which represents that. And, yes, it is the perfect gift to give on Valentine’s!

So, get a little bit dressed up and hit the city, since it does not matter if you are in a tender relationship or rockin’ solo, Zagreb has a lot to offer.


For the ones who are feeling romantic, want to spend the night with a loved one singing the most beautiful ballads, try Massimo’s concert in Dvorana Doma sportova. Buy your tickets here:


Or spend a delightful dinner for two in the Casablanca restaurant for just 45 EUR with drinks included and soft music to light up the mood:


For the ones who want a somewhat different night out, Partibrejkers are having a concert in the famous Culture Factory club

That is also the place where the amazing Irish band God is an astronaut will be playing on the 9th of April, so be sure to book a ticket in time!


The Rockabilly Valentine is ensured at the Rock club Ribnjak  where the leather jacket and a skirt are a must on a day like this!


And the last, but not least, the Sonus festival warm up party at the super dooper club Sirup bringing you the summer party mood for the ones who enjoy meeting other people and partiing like there is no tommorow:


So, pick up your bag and take a loved one, a friend or book a solo vacation and head out to Zagreb, where the people are warm and so is the weather, you will not regret, you will not forget! And a happy Valentine’s from all of us at Palmers Lodge Croatia!