Where to welcome the New Year 2014 in Zagreb?

Wondering how to celebrate this New Year’s eve while in Croatia? Then the answer is here as we are already starting to worry about the New Year’s party and where to go (and what to wear). Here we bring a list with a couple of suggestions for you!



For those of you who prefer to wear a dress or suit, drink and eat like the royals, we suggest the Esplanade with their 70’s party! They even have the red carpet set up and an Elvis Presley show:



Mr. Tomcraft will entertain those who choose the Aquarius club on the Jarun lake with two floors of great electronic music. He has travelled all the way from Germany, but we don’t want to spoil the surprise, so try it out and see , they have included a food and fruit buffet in the price:



One of the finest and strangest clubs in Zagreb, Syrup, has a magnificent evening planned for you celebrating the New Year and the 5th anniversary of the club with various DJ’s and a whole new location in the city center!



At Gjuro you will find 4 FLOORS of fun for all! Funk, soul, house, R&B… Girls pay less for the entrance fee so you know where all the ladies will be. Check it out, only 100 tickets left!



Our favorite pub will prepare a great evening for those who enjoy good food and soft music, for just 30 Kuna (about 4 EUR) reserve your table now at Mali medo in Tkalciceva street:



For all of you, there are plenty of places you can visit beside these so here we have a list of happenings in the city:



And, as a Croatian tradition to wait for the clock to turn midnight at the squares, we have great bands like Hladno Pivo on the main square and TBF on the Brittish square with even more local bands playing on every place possible throughout the city. So be sure to be there with a smile on your face and great people next to you, dressed in red for a passionate next year and receive the New Year happy and cheerful, because, well, it’s going to be like that!