1. About Us
  2. Booking / Reservations
  3. Checking In / Payment
  4. Facilities
  5. General Questions
  6. Groups

1. About us

Why are you called Palmers Lodge?

Setup in 2006 as a budget accommodation in London but with a unique and stylish feel which then progressed to be a hostel London. The Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage site was the first in the chain and was the former lodge of Lord Palmer, who was made famous due to a huge biscuit empire.

Is it safe in my room / is the hostel safe?

Providing a safe hostel and accommodation is one of our main concerns. We have staff working 24 hours a day, full CCTV coverage, key card access to the rooms and the entry gates at night, there are safes in reception and lockers in each room.

What’s the difference between a hostel and a hotel?

To summarise, a backpacker hostel in London compared to a budget hotel in London, have shared dormitory rooms in addition to more traditional twin and double rooms which hotels have. Youth Hostels also have a younger and more relaxed feel too them, our typical guest is a college or university traveller away from home for the first time coming for a short sightseeing or shopping trip, but we still have many families and guests of all ages staying with us.

Where are you located?

We have several hostels in London; please follow this link to see what we have and how to get to our youth hostels in London.

What type of rooms do you have?

We have a variety of rooms available, ranging from Ensuite twin and double rooms to dormitories.

What is a Boutique hostel?

We don’t like to call ourselves a backpacker hostel in London, B&B London or a boutique hotel London. We offer a much higher standard and quality than most of the hostels in the market and many 2-3 star hotels; as such we like to show that in how we market ourselves.

What is Palmers Lodge?

Palmers Lodge is a chain of independent Boutique London Hostels, we have several sites in London. We cater for all types of guests ranging from solo travellers, tour groups, schools, colleges and families.

Is there good shopping there?

Our Swiss Cottage site is considered to be a hostel in central London. It is next to Finchley Road which has a huge amount of shops and a shopping centre.

How close to the city centre are you?

All our sites are located within a 5 minute walk to a tube station and within 2 minute walk to a 24 hour bus which links directly to Oxford Circus.

Left something in the room / do you have lost property?

We have lost property storage; items are stored for up to 3 weeks after being located. Please contact us the moment you think you might have left something.

What are your terms and conditions?

Please follow this link for our terms and conditions.

What is a Dorm/dormitory?

A dormitory is typically a room of more than 4 people, where we are different to hotels is that we sell per bed rather than per room. So if only 3 people book a 4 bed dormitory we will still sell that remaining bed. To ensure that you have a private room you must book all the beds in the desired room if possible.

What’s a private room?

Whilst we provide backpackers accommodation we have private rooms which are a room which you are guaranteed not to share with anyone outside of your booking regardless of how many beds or people you are.

What’s the difference between ensuite and shared facilities?

Ensuite means that the room has toilet and shower facilities inside it, shared facilities means there are communal toilets and showers located near the room to share with other rooms, similar to other cheap hotel London rooms. Some rooms contain only a shower or a toilet but we still list them as shared facilities.

What is a deluxe room?

A Deluxe room is one of our very best which we have ensure it’s up to a 3 star hotel standard, in additional to the normal tea and coffee facilities, being Ensuite, it also has a television and many other features.

What is the difference between a twin and a double room?

A twin room has a bunk bed of two single beds, a double room is a double bed.
Do you have single sex rooms / are the dormitories mixed sex?
We have both mixed and female only dormitories please check the availability and the room descriptions should tell you.

What is the best boutique accommodation or hostel for me?

Palmers Lodge: Swiss Cottage is best suited to short holidays or shopping trips in London as it’s a beautiful building with fantastic transport links.

Palmers Lodge: Hillspring is better suited to group accommodation and stag and hen parties, as it has better coach parking, many 4 bed rooms and full guest kitchen facilities.


2. Bookings / Reservations

How can I book?

Please use our booking form or alternatively contact the London hostel directly on email or phone by following their respective links; Swiss CottageHillspring Lodge.

Do I need a reservation?

It is not required but to guarantee a night you will need to book directly online at your earliest convenience.

What if I don’t have a credit/debit card?

For our security and ensure you turn up we do require credit card details to place the booking.

Why do you need my credit/debit card details?

To secure your booking we need to card details, in the event that you do not cancel and do not turn up we charge the card for the 1st night in total.

What do I need to make a reservation?

We will need your name, credit/debit card details and contact email.

Why do the rates/prices change?

Palmers Lodge operates a yield management policy meaning we change our rates constantly according to our occupancy.

What is your child / under 18 policy?

Children under 16 years old must be in a private room, they cannot share a dormitory with other guests.

Persons between 16-18 and not travelling with anyone over the age of 18 must have written permission from their legal guardian stating they are allowed to travel.

Will we all be in the same room / my friend and I booked separately, will we be in the same room?

To ensure you will all be in the same room please contact us and we will strive to ensure that you will be placed together.

If you and your friends have booked separately please contact us directly quoting all booking names and numbers to ensure that we can place you in the same room, please note that if you’ve booked different room types this may not be possible.

In both cases we cannot promise that you will all be in the same room but we daily check all the reservations and go out of our way to try out best to ensure that you are all kept together.

How long can I stay?

For the London hostels the longest you can stay is 31 days.

How can I cancel?

We require 24 hours notice before 2pm the day of arrival, for more information please see our terms and conditions.

Will I share the room?

If, for example, you have booked 5 beds in a 6 bed dormitory there’s a chance you will share the room with someone else. If you don’t want to share the room you will need to book a private room. Alternatively you’d have to book all the beds in the same room type and let us know so that no one else would have access to it.

How can I change my booking?

Please contact the London Bed and breakfast which you booked and they will process any changes for you, if you booked via a booking agent you may be required to process any changes directly with them so please check your confirmation. If you booked directly with us please send us an email requesting your modifications.

Can you refund my deposit?

All deposits paid are non-refundable, if you paid a deposit to an online agent or any other travel agent you will need to contact them directly for this as that is their commission.

Is there a minimum length of stay?

For our hostels in London there is no minimum stay.

Can we share a bed to save money?

No, for fire regulations we cannot allow more than 1 person to sleep in a single bed.

Is there a maximum age limit?

No, we accept all ages and welcome the diversity.

Do I have to be a member of Youth Hostelling International or YHA to stay there?

No, we are an independent chain so you do not need to be a member.

Do you rent rooms?

For the London B&B we are not suited for people coming to London to live or looking to London rent apartment as they only provide short term accommodation in London. However we do have Palmers Lodge Mapesbury which has rooms to rent in London.


3. Checking In / Payment

Do you accept Euros or Dollars?

We only accept pounds sterling (GBP).

What do I need to bring to check-in?

We need a form of photo ID. Passport, driving license or ID card. Even if you are British we still need photo ID.

How can I pay?

You can pay via cash or card.

When do I pay?

You will need to pay the full amount for your booking when you check in, any deposits you may have paid will be deducted from your bill. Please note that reservations for New year’s eve will need to be paid in advance.

What time is check in?

The check in is from 2pm. If you need an earlier check in please ask and we may be able to arrange a room which didn’t require cleaning. Also, we have a storage room where you can leave your luggage for free.

What time is check out?

The check out is at 11am.

Can I pay per night?

We require the full amount of your booking on arrival.

What is the latest I can arrive?

Our hostels have a 24 hour reception but please let us know in advance if you are arriving after midnight.


4. Facilities

What facilities do the hostels have?

Please follow these links to see the respective hostel London facilities; Swiss CottageHillspring.

Do you have luggage storage?

There is a free luggage storage for guests checking in and out.

When do you close / is there a curfew?

Every site is open 24 hours, after 11pm you will be asked to either show your keycard or your reservation name.

Where can I leave my laptop, phone, valuables?

There are safes in the reception area and lockers in each room.

Do you have a restaurant / do you serve food?

We have a full restaurant which serves a variety of meals during the evening until late.

Are meals included?

Sadly no.

Do you have special events and parties?

We regularly have themed parties and events, we also have BBQs throughout the summer.

Are there computers I can use?

There are free PC’s you can use located around the lobby.

Can I print / fax / scan there?

It is possible to print, fax and scan. But you will need to ask reception first.

Do you provide sheets and linen?

Every bed is made for you with free linen, sheets and duvets.

Can I bring my own sleeping bag / pillows?

For health reasons we do not allow guest to use their own sleeping bags or products.

What time is breakfast?

Breakfast is from 7.30am until 10am.

Do you sell discount theatre / attraction / tour tickets?

Yes, we sell a wide selection of discount tickets ranging from shows such as Chicago to Madame Tussauds and day trips to Stonehenge. Please see our special offers to find out what we can sell right away.

Is breakfast free?

It is free in Palmers Lodge – Hillspring.
In Palmers Lodge – Swiss Cottage it costs £4.50.

Do you have a kitchen?

Palmers Lodge – Hillspring has a fully fitted self service kitchen.

Palmers Lodge – Swiss Cottage has a basic self service kitchen equipped with a fridge and microwave.

What time is the bar open?

The bar is open every day from 5.30pm until late.

Do you do events / venue hire?

Palmers Lodge: Hillspring does provide conference and venue hire in London.

Do you have a shop?

We have a small travel shop at reception which sells souvenirs and toiletries. Also attraction, tour and theatre tickets. You can also buy these online here

Do you have internet / Wi-Fi?

We provide 100% free Wi-Fi in all our common areas and some of the rooms. There are also desktop computers you can use for free.

What facilities are in the room?

Some rooms have more facilities than others, however as standard all our rooms have key-card access, locker storage, reading lights, central heating and bed curtains.

Do you have parking facilities?

Each site has secure onsite car parking and coach parking facilities.

Do you have laundry facilities / can I wash my clothes there?

We have self service washing and drying facilities.

Do you have meeting / conference facilities?

Palmers Lodge: Hillspring has meeting, conference and business facilities for hire in London.

What type of common areas do you have?

Each London hostel offers a reading room, bar, lounge area, dining areas and a lobby.


5. General Questions

Can you help me with my visa?

We cannot help you process your visa.

How can I contact a guest?

We do not have any phones in the room however we can pass on any messages to guests which are left at reception.

Can I send mail/post there?

Yes, however we cannot accept responsibility for any mail sent here, after 2 weeks any uncollected mail is returned to sender, nor can we hold any post for people who are neither guests or have a reservation.

Can I smoke there?

The London backpackers operate a strict no smoking policy in line with UK regulations but we do provide smoking outdoor areas.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

To be compliant with UK licensing laws no outside alcohol can be brought in the building.

Can I eat in the room?

No, in the interests of hygiene and consideration of other guests please eat in the common areas.

Can my friend or family visit me?

To ensure our high level of security for our guests, no outside guests are allowed to visit after 7pm.

Are you a hostel near Wembley Stadium or a hostel near O2 Arena?

Palmers Lodge: Hillspring at Willesden Lane is a hostel near Wembley, it is perfectly suited for anyone wishing to visit Wembley arena, as it is directly linked by many bus, tube and train routes.

Palmers Lodge: Swiss Cottage is on the Jubilee line which goes directly to Greenwich so it can be considered one of the hostels near o2 arena.


6. Groups

What details do you need for a group booking?

We consider any booking of more than 15 people to be a group booking.

Are the room’s single sex or mixed?

The room gender is broken down as per your request, simply let us know your requirements and we’ll do our best according to our availability to ensure you have the best possible breakdown of rooms.

How early do I have to book?

To book cheap group accommodation, please book at least 1 month ahead to ensure that you can be given the best possible breakdown for your group and to process any deposits.

When do I pay?

For group reservations, we require a 10% deposit of the total amount 3 weeks after confirming the booking. The full amount is due 1 month prior to arrival.

Which meals are included?

As we have several hostels for groups we have started making packed lunches which are made catered to the group’s tastes and are at an extremely competitive price.

Which payment methods are available?

The group booking can pay via credit/debit card, cheque or bank transfer.

Can you help us with the rest of the trip?

The groups hostels can help you with any part of your trip, we sell everything from tickets to attractions such as the London Dungeon to theatre tickets and musicals. We also serve dinner and can prepare packed lunches.

What is your age policy for school groups?

We accept any age for a group booking hostel, however if your average group age is under 12 years old please ensure that you inform us.

What type of groups do you accept?

We accept all types of groups, from stag parties and hen nights to college groups and school groups seeking group accommodation in London.

What is the biggest group size you can take?

There is no maximum size for the booking for a group hotel.

How can we book?

To make an enquiry for groups of more than 15 people, please complete our group bookings enquiry form.

Is there a security deposit?

There is a refundable £150 security deposit due on arrival as security against any damages incurred during your stay.

What do we need to check in?

We will need a full list of all guests names and the full contact details of the designated group leader, along with the group leaders ID details.

Is there coach parking?

There are 5 coach parking spaces at Palmers Lodge: Swiss Cottage and Palmers Lodge: Hillspring.

What type of room can we book?

We typically offer our hotel room London, and our smaller dorm types to groups and do not often allow groups to stay in the very large dormitories. However please make an enquiry and we will do our best to make sure you are provided with the breakdown you would like.