Clubbing in Camden on a Budget by Robert Stanca

If you want to party somewhere where every night is student night, my suggestion would definitely be The Ice Wharf in Camden.

So… Why is this my favourite place to go out to in Camden?
A night out in Camden can get quite expensive without even trying, especially over the weekend but The Ice Wharf is the cheapest place in Camden to go out that I know of (and it’s also quite close to our hostels). The bulk of people who go are young -mostly students- so they also play great music and they run as a restaurant that is also open during the day.

The Ice Wharf
Unit 1 & 2 Suffolk Wharf
Camden NW1 7BY

How to get there: after you pass the Camden Lock Bridge take the first right onto the narrow street and you will see the river on your right, it’s the last building on the right, you can’t miss it!

Check it out and let me know how it went  

Robert Stanca
Hostel Manager at Hillspring Lodge